Memories Made in Heil Valley

In the Left Hand Canyon area, Heil Valley Ranch runs north-south along Boulder’s foothills. Here, the Great Plains abruptly meet the Rocky Mountain upslope. There is a lot to love about this area, with its picturesque valleys (previous post) and vistas. It must have been a great place to settle down as a rancher.

But just as one enters Heil Ranch, there is an abandoned area to the left filled with old shacks (previous post) and cabooses. It is a powerful view to come across, and it makes you forget the world-famous trails that await just around the corner.

For instance, here is the office at the entrance. Notice that in addition to the “HV”, the full description on the right hand side is still almost readable. If you look at the full size picture, you’ll discover whether the ranchers preferred Coke, Pepsi, or something else.


Here are some photos of this area, in particular the abandoned vehicles in Heil Valley. The colors in these photos are not exaggerated. The vehicles and houses are just as vibrant as the rest of the area.


It was interesting to be able to see how nature had “overtaken” these vehicles, covering them with grass…


…or mud…


…and yet, much seemed intact, a reminder of a bygone era.